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School of Agriculture and Natural Resources


The School of Agriculture and Natural Resources leads the South in advancing the agriculture field through hands-on experience and rigorous academic preparation. We offer six baccalaureate programs as well as small class sizes, high quality instructors, and many opportunities for hands-on learning. We pride ourselves on complementing  our students’ high quality educational experience with networking and professional development opportunities. Our graduates are some of the most in-demand throughout the country and represent ABAC in every state across numerous concentrations. Join us in making a lifelong impact on students by contributing to the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources today. Give Now to the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources  
Mark Kisler, Dean of School of Ag and Natural Resources

Dr. Mark J. Kistler

Dean, School of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Message from the Dean

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources (SANR) at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College! Thank you for taking the time to visit our website to learn more about our School and the academic programs we have to offer.

97高清国语自产拍,97高清国语自产拍2020,97高清国语自产拍在线观看I truly believe ABAC is a special place! Once you visit our campus and interact with the faculty, staff, and students you will understand. We offer all of the activities associated with larger campuses but in a smaller, more intimate environment. You are not just a “number” at ABAC – we take an interest in your education, and most likely, know you by name.

The SANR offers six comprehensive Bachelor of Science degree programs in Agribusiness, Agricultural Communication, Agricultural Education, Agriculture, Environmental Horticulture, and Natural Resource Management. Several of these degree programs have specific tracks or concentrations. As you can see, no matter your interest in agriculture and natural resources, there is a degree program for you.

All of these degree programs are known for their hands-on, experiential learning opportunities, which occur both in and outside of the classroom. We are fortunate to have several outdoor learning laboratories for our students to apply the principles and concepts learned in the classroom. These laboratories on campus include the J.G. Woodroof Farm, nearly 400 acres of cropland, pastures for our commercial cattle herd, turfgrass plots, and greenhouse facilities, Lake Baldwin, the Nature Study area. Off-campus we have the Forest Lakes Golf Course, a 9-hole golf course located six miles east of campus, the pitcher plant bog, 8 acres in Turner County on Highway 107, and the newly acquired teaching forest, nearly 1,000 acres located 10 miles north of campus off Willis Still Road.

97高清国语自产拍,97高清国语自产拍2020,97高清国语自产拍在线观看In addition to their academics, SANR students are very active across campus with numerous clubs, organizations, and activities where many take on leadership roles. As a result, our students have a well-rounded educational experience.

Employers seek out our graduates due to the educational, personal, and professional preparation they have received, which contributes to their success in the workplace. In addition, many of our graduates go on to continue their education by attending graduate or professional school. If you have questions about the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources,  do not hesitate to reach out to us. The faculty and staff in the School are more than willing to help you.

We hope to see you on campus!

Through internships, I roamed the halls of America’s backbone as a Fellow in the United States Senate and immersed myself in the Mississippi Delta as a Sales Intern for Monsanto. I was able to represent ABAC in Minneapolis at the American Seed Trade Association and also in the big lights of Reno as the top collegiate discussion meet finalist for the National Young Farmers and Ranchers Convention for the state of Georgia. My most cherished memories came from ABAC, and I will forever bleed green and gold while yelling Gee Haw Whoa Back!

Madison Lynn

Agriculture (B.S.) Crop and Soil Science
Class of 2018

ABAC is an incredible fit for my education. I learn best kinesthetically, and ABAC is all about that. I spend just as much time applying what I learn in lectures as I do labs. I learned how to use GPS guidance in tractors, and because of this, I was able to understand the terminology and importance of the technology. Every one of my professors at ABAC shows great enthusiasm for the classes, and I can easily see that they truly care about our future.

Christopher E. Bolles III

Agriculture (B.S.) Agricultural Technical Systems Management (ATSM)
97高清国语自产拍,97高清国语自产拍2020,97高清国语自产拍在线观看 Class of 2021

I will always cherish my time at ABAC. Getting involved with campus activities and clubs helped me to further expand on classroom experiences and network in the agriculture industry.

Kaytlyn Malia

Agriculture (B.S.) ‘16
Director of Industry Information and Public
Relations for the Georgia Beef Board


97高清国语自产拍,97高清国语自产拍2020,97高清国语自产拍在线观看The School of Agriculture and Natural Resources is made up of three departments: Agriculture, Education, and Forest Resources. These departments offers five comprehensive Bachelor of Science degree programs in Agribusiness, Agricultural Education, Agriculture, Environmental Horticulture, and Natural Resource Management.

Student Arranging Plants for Horticulture class

Department of Agriculture

While ABAC has grown significantly throughout the years, Agriculture remains at the core of our foundation. The Department of Agriculture at ABAC offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Agriculture, Agribusiness, and Environmental Horticulture. The department is guided by seventeen full-time faculty members who provide instruction in essential agriculture knowledge, agribusiness, agricultural engineering, agronomy, animal science, horticulture, pest management, and turf science. Agriculture students have numerous chances to apply their knowledge on campus at the 400-acre J.G. Woodroof Farm and 9-hole Forest Lakes Golf Club. Students can also get involved in some of the thirteen student led organizations supported by the department and enhance their knowledge while networking with agriculture professionals. Internships also play an integral role in the Department of Agriculture and often lead to job offers for students. We are proud to boast more than 90% job placement rate for our students after graduation. ABACs agriculture program attracts students from all over the Southeast and beyond with graduates representing our school across the entire nation. Students have enjoyed success in a variety of agriculture related fields from farm management and systems building to pro golf turf management, horticultural design, and so much more.
Explore Agriculture Testimonial #2

Department of Forest Resources

The Department of Forest Resources prepares students for success in careers focused on the sustainable management of natural resources- a vital consideration of modern agriculture and life. By taking part in immersive, hands-on curricula, students learn how to meet society’s demands on forests and wildlife populations while preserving the productivity and beauty of natural landscapes. Engaged, active learning is at the foundation of a rigorous curriculum that brings together extensive field training with conceptual knowledge to prepare the next generation of forest resource managers. In the Department of Forest Resources, the forest is our classroom! The Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management uses applied learning methods to prepare students with interdisciplinary knowledge, training, and critical thinking skills required to analyze and understand forest management and for success in effectively conserving forests and other natural resources.
Explore Forest Resources Testimonial #2

Department of Education and Agricultural Communication

The Department of Education and Agricultural Communication is dedicated to connecting people with agriculture and natural resources through education and communication.  Our mission revolves around cultivating the intellectual and professional development of our students to make a positive impact in the communities where they will live and work. The Department offers Bachelor of Sciences degrees in Agricultural Education (with tracks in Agricultural Studies and Education) and Agricultural Communication.  A Minor in Agricultural Education is also offered for students enrolled in other degree programs. Besides these degree programs, the Department provides outstanding preparation for students interested in other educational fields looking to complete essential classes before transferring for certification from another institution.  Students on the ABAC campus can also receive a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education through a partnership with Georgia Southwestern University.
Explore Education and Agricultural Communication Testimonial #2
I teach courses focused on precision agriculture technologies, soil and water conservation, and irrigation management. This technical side of Agriculture usually requires math that students are afraid of! I like to make math FUN by showing my students how important it is to managing an agricultural system and how they already know much more math than they think! We spend much of our time in the classroom going over calculations and designs – then we go outside and actually DO IT and see how our numbers match up. Connecting calculations in the classroom to physical components in the field is what makes our program, and ABAC, so successful!

Dr. Erin Porter

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Engineering

Although doing well in courses is important, activities students do in addition to coursework is extremely important to being a successful professional in the field. I encourage students to become members of the ABAC Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society, a professional organization that volunteers in the local community, invites professional guest speakers from various agencies and organizations, conducts field trips, attends national professional conferences, and offers other educational opportunities with our partners, such as S130/S190 Wildland Firefighter training through The Orianne Society.

Dr. Vanessa Lane

97高清国语自产拍,97高清国语自产拍2020,97高清国语自产拍在线观看Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Management

To provide life-changing experiences for students, I have had the pleasure of leading students on trips all over Georgia and Florida as well as trips to Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Washington D.C. as a part of my association with the ABAC Agronomy Club. Farms growing crops and resources, as well as sugar refineries, greenhouse operations, vegetable packing sheds, University and private research facilities, feed lots, corn buying points, a clamshell manufacturer, a port, fertilizer dealers, a corn seed conditioning facility and the offices of the nation's major agricultural lobbying groups are on the list of places students have had the opportunity to experience over the past four years. 

Dr. Ray Smith

97高清国语自产拍,97高清国语自产拍2020,97高清国语自产拍在线观看Department Head, Agriculture; Professor of Crop Science

Careers & Internships

As young professionals, students are encouraged to learn beyond the classroom and gain valuable experience to prepare them for life. Our internship program provides students with a wide variety of learning opportunities in a structured and professional environment, while receiving course credit. A large number of internships end with students receiving a full-time employment offer upon graduation.

The School of Agriculture and Natural Resources strives to provide our students with plenty of opportunities to prepare for their future careers. Career fairs, internship, and other networking opportunities are made available to enhance our students’ educational experience.

Student interning with Department of Natural Resources

Career Opportunities WITH

Career Connections Career Connections

Contact Information

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